ReproTech E-Forms (F)

To establish a cryostorage account with ReproTech you will need to complete account paperwork. Please click below to start the electronic forms process via DocuSign for the specimen type you will be storing. If you are storing more than one specimen type, please complete forms for each type of specimen.

ReproTech has partnered with your clinic to waive the transfer fee for one shipping tank to ReproTech if your specimens are included in a group shipment. You also have the option to ship your specimens in two shipping tanks which would incur a fee of $250.

View our current storage fees.

Specimen Shipping Liability Protection is available exclusively to ReproTech clients through CNA Financial Corporation, a premier insurance broker in the U.S.

Embryo Couple

Embryo Single

Oocytes/Ovarian Tissue

Semen/Testicular Tissue

Donor Oocytes or Donor Semen